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Dated: August 10 2020

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For many people August did not bring a return to work and/or school.  Instead many of us are working from home or learning virtually. If you find yourself in that situation here are a few tips on how you can revamp your workspace. Nothing ruins a workday like not having a designated, comfortable place to work. And when you are working from home, whether it be temporarily or for the foreseeable future, setting up a great workspace gets even tougher. However, your productivity and body will thank you if you take a few steps to upgrade your desk setup. 


Purchase a chair that offers great spine support and has adjustable height, armrests, and back. If a new chair just isn’t in the budget, there are many seat pillows and cushions available that are designed to attach to an office chair and encourage you to sit properly and help support your lumbar.  Or consider standing when at your desk and having a comfortable chair to relax in during your break.


Adjusting your desk height to fit your specific needs can be tricky, but necessary. If you are able to, investing in an adjustable-height standing desk is ideal because you can adjust your desk for different tasks - such as typing, writing, and reading documents. If you are unable to make that purchase, consider installing a keyboard tray to lower your keyboard or raising your chair to ensure your wrists are above your keyboard. If you are experiencing neck pain, that may be a result of your monitor height. Purchase a laptop or monitor stand or use normal household items like books or a box. If working from home seems like it may become a long term reality for you, considering asking your boss if the company is willing to purchase or help purchase such an item for you.


Poor lighting can cause a lot of strain on your eyes and may decrease energy levels. If you are unable to work in an area with natural light, find a LED desk lamp that can be adjusted as needed. These come in all shapes and sizes and LEDs bulbs have a long lifespan and are energy-efficient.  You can even buy glasses to help reduce damage to your eyes caused by the computer screen's blue light.  Remember to adjust the lighting on your screen, and keyboard if possible, to a proper level.

I hope these ideas have helped you prepare for at-home working or learning.  Remember if your home's space is an issue I'm here to help you find a house that can better fit your family.  Stay safe!

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