Hello 2020, Good-bye R-22

Dated: December 19 2019

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Beginning on January 1, 2020 there will be a ban on the production and importing of R-22.  Why is this significant you ask?  You may know R-22 better as Freon, which is the refrigerant that was commonly used in air conditioning units. Luckily for many of us here in Albuquerque, a swamp cooler only uses water.  This is only an issue for homeowners who have refrigerated air units.  

As of January 1, 2010 the EPA has prohibited the manufacture and installation of new R-22 appliances.  Since then units are using a different, more ozone friendly, refrigerant. Between 2010 and now, R-22 has still been produced in order to service and maintain appliances made before 2010, however, that will no longer be the case.  If you have an older unit, you will have to rely on the stockpile of R-22.  And starting on January 1, 2030 there will be a ban on the stockpile.  The reason for this lengthy phase-out is to allow homeowners the chance to replace their R-22 using unit with a newer model that meets the current HCFC standards.

So what does this mean for home owners and buyers going forward?  There are a few things you can do to help protect yourself from an unexpected cost going forward.  If you are a homeowner, check the nameplate or the owner’s manual for the type of refrigerant used.  If you still have a home warranty you will want to talk to the company to find out what they will cover on the unit.  If you are looking to buy a home, be sure to talk with your agent about having the air conditioner inspected.  Also, when choosing a home warranty company, be sure to compare what the different coverages are for the air conditioner.  

For more information regarding the Phase-Out visit https://www.epa.gov/ods-phaseout/homeowners-and-consumers-frequently-asked-questions.

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