Your Phone Can Make Home Decorating Easier

Dated: October 11 2019

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Fall is finally here, which may mean you are looking to switch out some of your home décor for a more seasonal look.  If you have ever thought about making a change but decided it wasn’t worth the trouble, then maybe this is your year.  Technology has made it easier than ever to bring your home décor ideas to real possibilities.  We use our smartphones everyday, so why not use them when decorating too? There are countless smartphone apps that help you plan a space or do some valuable comparative shopping. Here are four apps to use on your next decorating project. Most are available on both iOS and Android devices.

Color Capture: Have you ever found that perfect paint color, but none of your trips to the paint store provide you with a shade that is the same?  Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture app allows you to take a photo of anything and instantly get a matching paint color.  If that one doesn’t seem to be working for you, visit for other great apps you can use.

iHandyLevel: Hanging photos and artwork? Rather than searching through your toolbox for a level, you can use something that’s already in your pocket: Your phone. The iHandyLevel app functions just as well as a dedicated level, turning your phone into the ultimate picture-hanging companion.


LikeThatDecor: Let’s say you see the perfect sofa in a coffee shop and you want to know where you could get one of your own. Use the LikeThatDecor app to take a photo of the sofa and instantly see similar items from dozens of retailers.  You can even take a picture of a picture!  Found a chair you just “have-to-have” in a magazine?  Use the app to take a photo and find out where you purchase that chair.


IKEA Catalog: Forget about the nightmare of navigating the parking garage, showroom, and warehouse at your nearest IKEA. The IKEA Catalog app allows you to virtually place furniture in a room. If only there was an app for easy IKEA assembly!


BONUS - DesignSponge: DesignSponge is one of the best DIY and home décor websites out there. No, this is not an app, but it is a mobile friendly website.  This year is, sadly, the company’s last year, but you can still find all their great info on their website until September 2020.  After than time you can search in the Library of Congress.  If you are really thinking of adding some touches to your home or looking for a DIY project, you will definitely want to check out this site. 

I hope you find these apps useful and helpful.  If you decide the decision to move over remodel/redesign is a better choice for you then I would love to help you in that area as well.  Please contact me or use my sell page to get a idea of what your home may be worth.  


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