What are you thankful for in your home?

Dated: April 9 2019

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Spring is here which means it is time to spring clean the house.  For many people this can also be a time to declutter and/or give the house a really deep clean.  Since you may be in the mood to get rid of unused and unwanted items in your home, we wanted to share some items you may be grateful to have in your home.  Houzz designer Neila Deen shared 10 things she is thankful to have in her home.

1. Delicious-Smelling Hand Soap

It is a well-known fact that scent and memory are connected, so why not find a scent that takes you back to a time and place when you were happy?  With so many options to choose from you can wash your hands, close your eyes, and find yourself on a tropical island.  Find a scent that makes you happy!

2. Plush White Towels

White towels?!?  Yes!  This gives you a nice clean look and if they start to get dingy you can always bleach them.  White also gives you the advantage of changing your bathroom colors to anything you wish.  White is an easy to color match so your hand towels and rags will all be the same.  Thicker/plush towels wrap you in peace and comfort after a nice shower or bath.

3. An Organized Linen Closet

This is definitely something you want to check off of your spring cleaning to do list.  Cleaning out your lien closet can be a treasure hunt for your favorite blanket that went missing this winter or perhaps you’ll find a bed sheet set you haven’t seen in years.  When you must change the sheets on your bed the last thing you want to do is have a closet full of sheets and towels fall on your while you grab the set you want.  You want to be able to quickly find the flat sheet AND fitted sheet.  One idea to keep the closet organized is by using several storage baskets and placing each bed ensemble in its own basket. Changing the sheets is a chore.  Don’t let finding the sheets be a chore too!

4. A Comfortable Bed

Your bedroom is where you seek refuge at the end of the day.  Many people look forward to crawling between the crisp sheets and laying a head on the soft pillows. It’s something we might take for granted, but after a long day, having a comfortable bed to rest in makes any challenge you’ve faced a bit easier and helps you recharge for the next day. It’s should be one of the most cherished places in your home that you are consistently thankful for.  If it isn’t, consider ways to improve your situation.

5. A Dark Charcoal Wall

Now this is something I highly doubt many of us have, but for this Houzz designer it is a signature color used in many of her clients’ rooms, and she also loves in her own home.  A dark charcoal wall can make a beautiful statement in any room. Truthfully almost any feature wall can transform the feel of a room.  Black is signature color that can be paired with white marble shelves with each shelf styled with glass and gold accents.  This may not be the look you are going for and instead prefer a solid green with accents of yellow and blue to make you feel like it is a summery day.  Whatever color you choose make sure it fits with your style and taste.

6. Soft Throw Pillows

“I think the right throw pillow can make a huge difference in a room from a design perspective, but for me the perfect throw pillow offers softness and comfort.”  Throw pillows can definitely seem like a pain and waste of money to many people, but the right ones can bring a room together and can bring you great comfort while lounging on your sofa.  One trick to bring new life to your well-loved sofa pillows is by giving them comfy down-like inserts. What a difference! Your tired head and back will thank you daily for this simple creature comfort.

7. Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

A box is a great place to shove unwanted/unused items, but if the box is opaque you end up with a bunch of random items that get dumped all over the floor whenever you search for a missing item.  Instead small clear boxes are great because they allow you to sort your items and see what’s there without making a bunch of labels.  These are especially great for toys.  A box for legos and a box for matchbox cars.  Use these boxes to easily bring organization to your home.

8. A Set of Pretty Drinking Glasses

“Like many people, I’ve gone through multiple sets of drinking glasses, as eventually glasses break, leaving you with a hodgepodge of different styles. This year we replenished our drinking glasses with multiple coordinating sets — our backup plan for when some break. The glasses weren’t expensive, but this little upgrade is something the whole family is still appreciating months later.”

9. A Beautiful Floor Mirror

Do you have an empty wall in a room?  Choosing the right art work to hang can be a tough decision and if you decide to change the colors or style of the room you may be getting rid of that art.  Why not use a floor mirror instead?  Mirrors can make the room look bigger and for kids it’s a way to be the star of their own show. 

10. Photographs of Loved Ones

While digital cameras have drastically cut down on the number of printed photos in the home, it’s still important to have some favorite family photos around.  These photos allow you to see places you’ve been and how the family has changed over the years.  You can either take the time to make all the frames the same and have a feature wall, or choose random frames and place them throughout your house.  Hopefully these photos will bring you joys as life brings you more changes.


Information adapted from https://www.houzz.com/magazine/10-things-around-my-home-that-im-thankful-for-stsetivw-vs~97296270

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